Thursday, March 15, 2012

The "No Dreadlock" Policy (Installment One!)

Just in case I have readers who have not yet met me in person, I will tell you that I have brilliant blonde, mid-length dreadlocks. They are clean and fluffy, and make for great conversation starters. People that love them say so, and those who don't, say nothing. My dreadlocks have helped me break out of my social shell and become a face that stands out. This has been my "journey." But since my recent pilgrimage to Vail, Colorado, I have had a terrible time finding a job with the resort. I keep having a "no dreadlock policy" shoved in my face. I have asked HR and management what's wrong with dreadlocks, but can't extract anything more than the obscure replies such as "hygiene issues" and "a low-class look."

Friday, March 9, 2012

Life Keeps On Rollin!

Okay... It's been a little while since I last updated this blog. I get so caught up in walking and running and jumping, I forget about sitting and relaxing to write. It's a tragedy that so many potential ideas waste away to poor memory and wrong channels of motivation. Yet here I sit, giving this thing another shot.

The posts you read from here on out might have a slightly different feel. I realize that while I am passionate about all my previous topics, I tried too hard to keep my writing professional and objective. This isn't a high school essay contest. If I want to have fun with this, I need to let my own personal voice and experiences reign.