Chaco Check-In

My Chaco Check-In page is a personal log of everywhere my sandals have taken me. 

Three long summers in the Deerfield River! Also The Millers, the West, and the Concord all here in Western Massachusetts. They have been up to the Kennebec and Dead rivers in Maine, and all the way up to the Ottawa river.

These shoes have trekked all over the hills here in Western Massachusetts, and some of the Colorado Rockies. I have hiked Mount Greylock, the tallest mountain in Ma and a small obstacle of the Appalachian Trail. These soles have shuffled up and down the East coast beaches from Maine to Florida, and have soaked in the Gulf.

Check-In Log:
Nov 4 2012- My Chacos and I have hiked up to the firetower and back twice this week already. That's roughly three hours of hiking. One trek was in rainy weather, the other was on a dry, sunny day.

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