Friday, March 9, 2012

Life Keeps On Rollin!

Okay... It's been a little while since I last updated this blog. I get so caught up in walking and running and jumping, I forget about sitting and relaxing to write. It's a tragedy that so many potential ideas waste away to poor memory and wrong channels of motivation. Yet here I sit, giving this thing another shot.

The posts you read from here on out might have a slightly different feel. I realize that while I am passionate about all my previous topics, I tried too hard to keep my writing professional and objective. This isn't a high school essay contest. If I want to have fun with this, I need to let my own personal voice and experiences reign.

Fast times in Vail, CO
So during my winter writing hiatus, I have been nestled here in Vail Valley, Co. After becoming a snow-loving northerner, I decided to chase the real powder west to Colorado. Located about two hours west of Denver, the town of Vail is like a mini mountain Hollywood. Not that the resort itself is small. It's huge. And once again my great fortune and good taste led me to a place that has that special kind of feel to it. That fuzzy, family feel.

Colorado really is a state of mind. It only took me a week here to understand that. It took me a matter of days to find a tight-knit group of friends. Family, actually. The past few months have been a beautiful blur of sunshine, bar-b-q, and bluegrass.  We all could have used a little more snow this season, but crappy Colorado conditions beat average New England conditions. And who can be upset with a sunny day? Everyone here is healthy and happy. There are a limitless abundance of outdoor activities, and I hear the summers are even better than the winters. This spring will lead me back to New England, however this is only the beginning of my Colorado experience.

Thanks to my new Vail family, Moe's, Skin the Rabbit, and Momma Nature for showing me what Colorado is all about.

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  1. Nice to see your voice again Kim. Keep playing, thinking and writing. Boiling sap tonight!!!!