Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Update Number One!

To my super-awesome and adventurous readers:

THANK YOU! You are the reason I love doing this! I have had a substantial amount of viewers after only five posts and hardly a month under my belt... or harness! I will be posting later today, but first I wanted to update everyone on what's been going on with Kim In A Kayak (the blog, not me!)

First, I have been playing around with the layout practically daily. My goal is to tweak it until it looks as professional as it deserves. I hope to soon have multiple pages up and going on tabs, and intend to include a page strictly for subscription information.

Speaking of subscriptions... (I know, good segue) I really want to encourage my readers to subscribe to this blog. Every time I post you will receive an email that my newest post is way groovy and all the cool kids are reading it. This eliminates the hassle of checking back every few days.

Aside from subscriptions, "following" my blog is a great way to show all my other readers how awesome you are because you morally support my blogging ambitions. Also, it helps me to gain a higher ranking on many listing sites. Giving me "kudos" and voting for me on other blog listing sites also helps my to launch my ratings sky high. Being listed on blogs sites and search engines is what I have been laboring for lately, and that will continue. Please help me to gain respect and recognition amongst the blogging and outdoor communities!

MOST importantly, I want your comments and feedback. Who is more important than my readers? Nobody! I can't hardly express how happy it makes me to hear from you! I openly welcome all feedback, good and bad, because it is important for me to learn from my readers. Suggestions for content like discussions, product reviews, event and location info, etc. can be posted as a comment here or directed to my email. Please please don't hesitate to comment on all my posts, and email me anytime at

Lastly, I can't ask all this of you without giving back! I guarantee to provide you with great reads, better content, frequent posting, and hopefully a few laughs! When I have posted ten posts (not including this one) I will be happy to create a facebook page, if anyone expresses interest. When Kim In A Kayak gains a little recognition, I would really love to have guest bloggers, weekly posts of a certain type or topic, or anything else you can think up! So send in thise suggestions and support, keep reading, and NEVER STOP MOVING!

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